This newsletter is to provide information and inform Branch 241 members

of current and upcoming events happening at the Branch!

Good day Comrades!

I have some sad news to report...The Branch has lost our Ladies Auxiliary President, Carol Ford. Carol passed away after a short illness and we send our condolences to her family and friends. She will be missed!


We see poppies showing up everywhere around town! Poppy Chairman Mike Schram has done an excellent job getting our poppy boxes out. Pick up a Poppy and Remember!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th - ANNUAL LEGION CHURCH SERVICE to be held at St. Andrews United Church, Main Street, Comber. Starting at 10:30 a.m.  All Members should attend if possible. Meet at the Branch at 10:00 a.m. Legion Dress if available.

ANNUAL BRANCH BANQUET to be held at the Branch Hall Broasted Chicken Dinner. Starting at 12:30 p.m. Limited Tickets available. Call the Branch at 519-687-2201


All members available to at the Branch for 10:00 a.m. Legion Dress if available.




starting at 10:45 a.m. Please be at the Branch by 10:30 a.m. if marching. Legion Dress if available.

Can someone out there please help me find the months of September and October?

I seem to have missed them! August went by pretty quickly too!

Another great Comber Fair Weekend for the Branch! The Ladies Auxiliary Perch Supper and Steak Bar-B-Que were both well attended and the Food Booth by the Saturday Truck Tug-of War did well also. Thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary and the volunteers who worked the food booth. Your efforts were excellent!

The Harold Reid Memorial Golf Day turned out super!! A full slate of golfers tore up the Tilbury Golf Course and returned to the Branch for a Steak Bar-B-Que. One of the best golf days we have had and topped off by a generous donation from the Reid family. Thank you so much! Special thanks to Comrades Mike Tetreault, Remi Gagnier, Josh Reid, Doug Lee, Sandy Steinhoff, Mark Labadie, Ellen Labadie for their efforts. If I missed anyone, I apologize to you! Special thanks to Comrade Jim Jensen for his work on the Golf Day looks great!

MEMBERSHIP DUES RENEWAL - Your Legion Membership is due now!

$50.00 for the year helps your Branch, Provincial, and Dominion Command to continue on. Early Bird Member renewals have their names placed in a draw to receive the cost of their membership back. If you pay your dues in September, October, or November.your name will be included in these one per month draws.

September Early Bird Winner was Matt Reid. Congratulations Comrade Matt!

To this date, over 50% of the Comber Branch membership are Early Birds!

Thank you Comrades.

September brought Legion Week activities to the Branch. Special Price Steak Bar-B-Que for Branch Members and Branch Supporters was well attended. As was the Toonie Burger and Fries afternoon of the Elimination Draw. Thanks to Comrades Mike Schram, and Dave Dalgleish for their hamburger flipping skills!

Congratulations to Comrade Jeff McKeen for winning the September Elimination Draw!

Thanks to all that purchased tickets. Next draw will be January 1, 2018!

"Sandys Breakfast" served 38 people last month. Thanks to Sandy Steinhoff, Doug Lee, Ellen Labadie, Richard & Jamie Tellier for their efforts. Watch for the next breakfast coming up!

October brought our "Extra Prizes" Meat Draw plus "Peameal on a Bun" Sandwich from the Branch kitchen. Enjoyed by all! Thanks Comrades Mike Schram, Doug Lee and Sandy Steinhoff for you kitchen efforts!

The Branch was filled with all kinds of costumed children on Halloween evening! Kids 12 years and under enjoying free hotdogs, chips and pop plus entering for a mystery draw. Thanks so much to Comrades Kim Demers, Mike and Vicki Tetreault, and Kathy McKeen for all their efforts! A very enjoyable event from what I understand!

Monday night Mens' Darts has started again! If you enjoy some friendly competition with a great group, come out and join them.

Consider this you invitation for Dan Yurke 60th Birthday Party to be held  Saturday, November 18th starting at 2:00 p.m. This is a fundraiser for the Comber Legion Building Fund so please  come out and enjoy yourself.

Upcoming events at your Branch:

Saturdays - Weekly Meat Draws - Loonie & Toonie Draw - Starts at 3:30 p.m.

3rd Saturday of the Month "Extra Prizes" Meat Draw

Monday Night - Men's Darts

Friday Nights - Weekly Mixed Fun Darts - Register to play at 7:30 p.m.

Things are happening! Don't miss out!

"See you at the Branch!!"

Dan Yurke



This newsletter is to provide information and inform Branch 241 members

of current and upcoming events happening at the Branch!

Good day Comrades!


Saturday, August 12 at the Comber Fair, the Branch is operating a food booth and running a 50/50 Raffle near the Truck Tug-of-War.  Opening by 11:00 a.m. and finishing by 6:00 p.m. We need 15 volunteers to give this a good effort and raise funds for the Branch and the community.  Positions include set-up, handling and serving food, selling food tickets, and selling raffle tickets.

As an added incentive, we will purchase your steak dinner Saturday evening at the Branch to reward your efforts for the day!

So if you can help, please call the Branch at (519) 687-2201 and leave your name and phone number. Sandy Steinhoff is the Chairman of this project and she will contact you.

Did you hear that we almost had an indoor swimming pool at the Branch!  The main water line into the Branch sprung a leak and the Town of Lakeshore shut-off behind the Branch had been damaged sometime in the past. With the water unable to be turned off, Comrades Remi Gagnier and Tom Dunlop spent a bit of time repairing the line while being soaked in water. Thank you Comrades!  Also, thanks to bar steward, Comrade Tim Rowsom, for his eagle-eye in spotting the water line leak.

The 3rd Annual Branch Pig Roast Fundraiser was a great success! Over 100 meals served and over $3,000.00 donated to the Branch!
Thanks to Friends of the Branch - Chrissy Brouilette, Deb Hillman, and Danielle Pomainville for organizing this event.

Plus the following volunteers that worked or donated the pork, salads, potatoes and desserts:
Wrights Lawn Care, Mike Schram, Mark & Ellen Labadie, Jeff & Laura McKeen, Dave Dalgleish & Giselle Riberdy, Dorothy Wright, Dorothy Dalgleish, Kim Demers, Richard Bonneau, Carly & Trish Mailloux, Sarah Clihgan, Sharron Loma, Sandy Steinhoff, Irene Morris, Lakeside Bakery, Mark Rindlisbacher, Shelby Rivait, Scott La Marsh, and Christines' Cookies.

Also, to the following Businesses and families that donated prizes for this evening:
Comber -Bill & Bet Pearson, Comber Fire Dept., McGrail Farm Equip., Iron Kettle, Tire Disposal & Recycling, REM Insurance, Canada Post, Peters' Kitchen, Comber Variety, Yurke Sales & Service Ltd., Tim Rowsom, Aaron Laporte, Deb Hillman, Wrights' Lawn Care, Remis' Shop, Comber Foodtown/LCBO, Comber Agricultural Society, Comber Drug Store, Comber Home Hardware, Tilbury -NAPA/Southam Automotive, Smith Fuels, Affordable Framing, Staples -Imeson Trucking, Wheatley  - The Open Door, Baskets by Bob, Cellar Door,  Erie Treasures, Lil Hill, M J Pizza, Franklin Fishery, Arts by Ash, Stoney Point - Countryside Canners, Leamington - Shoppers Drug Mart, Christines' Cookies, St. Joachim - Trepanier Fuel & Automotive, Dani Pomainville, Belle River - Nikki Gauthier

The Branch is extremely grateful for all of your generosity! Thank you again!

Have you been to the Branch Ladies Auxiliary Monthly Fish Fry?
Over 100 attended the July meal! The next Fish Fry is Friday, August 11 for the Comber Fair weekend....Don't miss it!

Keeping the Branch in shape takes some effort and spending funds on upkeep is part of this. One of our deep fryers in the kitchen decided it had enough and would not get up to temperature during the last Fish Fry! Thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for their donations, we have replaced this 30 year old fryer with a new one. New LED lights have been installed on the Branch wall murals providing a cleaner and more efficient light. The Branch Executive has agreed to have the outside of the Branch painted. Howies Custom Coating Applications from Leamington will be doing the painting.

Their are still some open spots for the Annual "Harold (Jeff) Reid Memorial Golf Day" Sunday, August 20. Please call the Branch at (519) 687-2201 to register!

The Branch sends our condolences to Comrade Jim Boyle and Patti Bedard and their families on the loss of Comrade Clarence Boyle. Clarence was the last veteran from World War II that was a member of this Branch. We will Remember Them!

Also, the Branch lost a former Bar Steward recently.  Comrade Madeline Branquet passed away suddenly in July. Our deepest condolences to Comrade Marcel Branquet and his family for their loss!

Upcoming events at your Branch:


Friday, August 11
Ladies Aux. Annual Fish Dinner 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. $15.00 per person
Saturday, 12 August
Ladies Aux. Annual Steak BBQ 5:00 to 7:00p.m.$20.00 per person

Sunday, August 20
Harold Reid Memorial Golf Day - $65.00/Person

Tuesday, September 05
Monthly Branch Meeting - 7:30 p.m. (Legion Dress Please)
Zone Commander Gayle Brown will be in attendance


Saturday, September 16
Branch Member & Supporter Steak Bar-B-Que

Sunday, September 23
"Elimination Draw" - Toonie Burgers & Fries

Weekly Meat Draws - Loonie & Toonie Draw - Starts at 3:30 p.m.

Friday Nights
Weekly Mixed Fun Darts - Register to play at 7:30 p.m.

Things are happening! Don't miss out!

"See you at the Branch!!"

Dan Yurke


This newsletter is to provide information and inform Branch 241 members

of current and upcoming events happening at the Branch!

Good day Comrades!

HAPPY CANADA DAY July 1st!! 150 Years and still strong, glorious and free!

Town of Lakeshore Canada Day events will take place in Woodslee at the Millen Centre ending the day with fireworks at dusk!

This is my first newsletter and I felt that it was time to send greetings to you! I feel that it is important to let you know what is going on at the Branch.

Since becoming interim Branch President last November, numerous events and functions have been held at the Branch and I would like to thank the previous Executive members for stepping in and taking charge of various projects. Comrades Mike Tetreault, Jeff McKeen, Dorothy Dalgleish, Bob Hornick, Jim Boyle, Vicki Tetreault, Kim Demers, Sandy Steinhoff, Mark Labadie, and the late Diane Dietrich deserve many thanks!

I also wish to thank Comrade Glenn Baird for all his efforts over the past two years serving as Branch President. Comrade Glenn did a very good job keeping the Branch maintained and up to date while handling the various duties of being President. He set up the Branch website and Facebook functions for the Branch and chaired the Comber Fair Foodbooth, which is a big summer fundraiser for the Branch.

Thanks again Comrade Glenn!  Your efforts did not go un-noticed!

The Branch Ladies Auxiliary also stepped in to support the Branch by preparing two Friday night meals per month donating proceeds back to the Branch. The monthly Perch Fish dinner has turned into a quite a large event, recently serving over 80 meals for the evening. Thanks to Auxiliary President Carol Ford, the Fish Dinner crew, plus all members of the Auxiliary!

Every Saturday afternoon, our weekly meat draws plus the Loonie and Toonie Draws take place. I want to thank Comrades Ellen Labadie, Bill Loma, and Dorothy Dalgleish for their time and efforts in taking care of these draws.

Keeping the Branch in shape takes some effort and spending funds on upkeep is part of this. New raised high-efficiency toilets have been installed in all Branch washrooms. New member Syl Gagnier was able to obtain a grant towards replacement of existing lighting with new energy-efficient fixtures. it bright! Quite a change...thank you Comrade Syl. The most expensive item was the purchase and installation of a new glass-washer into the canteen area. While this was a sizeable expense, it needed to be done since the original was from the 1970's as far as we know. Other projects are in the works...time and money permitting. Special thanks to Comrades Tom Dunlop, Mike Tetreault, Doug Lee and Mark Labadie for their efforts in repairing various building issues around the Branch.

The Branch went through a rough patch this spring with the passing of Past-President Bruce Dietrich and his wife, Diane Dietrich. They were both long-time members and volunteers that cannot be replaced. Our condolences go out to Greg Dietrich, the Dietrich and Houston families. Also, losing long-time Comber and Branch supporter, Comrade Tom Mosey. To Joan, Tom Jr., Dawn and your families, we send our condolences to you. We will keep them in our thoughts!

Elections were held in May with Comrade Joan Atkinson presiding. It was great to see so many members interested in the Branch and we are fortunate to have them be involved. Thank you Comrades!

The following are the Branch President and Executive for the next two years:


Dan Yurke


Mike Tetreault

1st Vice President

Jeff McKeen

2nd Vice-President

Mike Schram


Kim Demers


Sandra Steinhoff

Executive Members

Bob Hornick

Mark Labadie

Ray Waite

Ellen Labadie

Dave Dalgleish

Greg Nussey

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Branch # 241 World War Two Veteran Clarence Boyle who recently celebrated his 99th Birthday!!

Special thanks to Comrade Sandra Steinhoff for her efforts as Branch Secretary and bookkeeper. Plus starting the "Breakfast with Sandy" project on one Sunday morning each  month. I thank both Sandy and the group of volunteers that have been involved. We are taking a break currently but should start again in the fall.

Did you know that Branch #241 is celebrating its' 85th anniversary this year??

Come out and celebrate with us Saturday, July 8th at the 3rd Annual Pig Roast fundraiser. Bar-B-Q Pork with all the fixins for only $20.00 per person. Serving from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Door prizes and raffles. Help support your Branch!

We are sorry to say that Bar Steward Danielle Pomainville has moved on from the Branch. We are sad to see her go but wish her well in her future endeavors.

At this time, we welcome Diane Lapos as a new Branch Bar Steward.

Upcoming events at your Branch:

Friday, June 30th - Summer Cold Plate Meal - $10.00 per person

Saturday, July 8th - 3rd Annual Pig Roast Fundraiser $20.00 per person

Friday, July 14th - Ladies Aux. Perch Dinner $15.00 per person

Friday, July 28th - Ladies Aux. Dinner - "To Be Announced"


Friday, August 11th - Ladies Aux. Annual Fish Dinner 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. $15.00 per person

Saturday, August 12th - Ladies Aux. Annual Steak BBQ 5:00 to 7:00p.m.$20.00 per person

Sunday, August 20th - Harold Reid Memorial Golf Day - $65.00/Person

Saturdays - Weekly Meat Draws - Loonie & Toonie Draw - Starts at 3:30 p.m.

Friday Nights - Weekly Mixed Fun Darts - Register to play at 7:30 p.m.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! The Branch runs a food booth at the Comber Fair for the past few years which is a major fundraiser for this Branch. It was decided that we would run this booth for the Friday and Saturday of the fair this year in a location near the Car Show and the Truck Pull. If you can spare some time during this weekend and help us out, we could do well in this new spot. Please call the Branch at 519-687-2201 and leave your name and number if you can help.

In closing, I again would like to say thank you to all members and non-members that have helped keep this Branch running and still be an important asset to the Village of Comber and the surrounding area.

Dan Yurke


14 May 2016

I am in the process of updating our 'We Remember' page on our web site by adding a new section,"Post War Era".
We are looking for the names of any and all Comberites who has served in the Canadian Forces or the Reserves at any time after World War II.
Their names will be commemorated in our book as a reminder to us all that our freedoms are protected by those who have and still serve.
Glenn Baird
... it is in their service we now serve them...
14 May 2016

We are looking for old and recent pictures depicting the Comber Legion, the events and sport held through out the years.
We wish to use them on our web site to make the site more personal to our community. These picture will be displayed on several pages and in the 'Photo Album'.
If you'd like to see your photo's displayed for everyone to enjoy, please feel free to send them to me at glenn.baird at

The higher the resolution the better.


Glenn Baird

15 April 2015
Good Day Comrades and Members of Comber Branch 241
Your Branch 241 in Comber needs your help.  The Branch has been running well for the last several years, helping our Veterans, seniors, and helping the children of the community.
It takes a lot for the upkeep of the Branch, both money and volunteers.
We used to earn the money needed by running a canteen, with sales of alcohol and other non alcoholic beverages.  This strategy has changed with the times.  Patrons are more responsible when they stop at the Branch and are not spending as much time here as they used to.  The canteen has not been making enough money to carry the Branch for a number of years now.  The Volunteer members on the executive had decided to offer meals a couple of times a month.  This has worked well, and allowed the Branch to continue its valuable work in the Community.
After several years, we find our hard working volunteer group dwindle in size, and people are getting tired of the commitment they have made.  They wish to back off of some of the volunteer hours mandated by the use of the kitchen to earn income necessary for the Branches existence.
The election of officers in recent years has become a desperate attempt to keep the Branch afloat and without the executive members, we will lose our charter.  There will be no Legion in Comber.
We have several projects on the go at the Branch; one is the provincially mandated accessibility laws.  We are coming along well raising funds for this project, but without volunteers stepping up, this will be for nought.
If you have some time, or are interested in seeing the Branch stay open to continue the great community work, then it will be appreciated if you would offer your time to volunteer, either to come to our next meeting on May at 7:30 pm and/or offer your help to any executive member.  Without more community involvement our Legion will have a very hard time to stay open.
Please come to the meeting and show your support by volunteering some time.  Volunteering is an excellent way to join in the comradeship in the branch and help the community at large.
Comber Legion Br 241